Below are our Frequently Asked Questions. Please contact us if you have any further questions about our tours in the Northeast Georgia area.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

We have a 7 day cancellation policy. If you are to cancel within 7 days prior to your event date, you will receive no refund. In the event you should cancel outside of the 7 days prior to your event date you will receive a refund minus $10 per ticket canceled. Booking fees incurred when booking online are non-refundable.

Is lunch provided or will there be snacks?

If you select the VIP Addon option, then yes, tastings at 4 different wineries and the cost of lunch at The Dahlonega Resort is included. If you do not opt for the VIP, that’s okay! The wineries do offer food options that you may purchase on your own.

Can you purchase bottles of wine?

Absolutely! The wineries have bottle discounts that are amazing! Just know that DSH is not able to ship wine, so if you purchase multiples and need to ship, speak with the winery and see if they can accommodate you.

Can you drink on the bus?

If you purchase one of our Souvenir Wine Tumblers, you may drink on the bus. If you spill wine on the bus, please tell your driver so that we can tidy it up, otherwise it may result in a cleaning fee.

Can you bring your own alcohol on the bus?

If you are on a Social Wine Tour:  No, you cannot bring your own alcohol. You may purchase alcohol at the wineries and bring them on the bus only if you purchased one of our Souvenir Wine Tumblers.

If you are on a Private Wine Tour: Yes, you may bring your own alcohol, as long as it is consumed in a concealed (has a lid) cup.

Can you bring food on the bus?

If you are on a Social Wine Tour: No, you cannot bring your own snacks. You may purchase food at the wineries if you want. There also is allotted time on your tour for lunch at The Dahlonega Resort.

If you are on a Private Wine Tour: Yes, you may bring your own food/snacks. Just keep in mind that you will be charged a cleaning fee if you make a mess. If you spill or drop something, be courteous and tell your driver, so that he or she can clean it up quickly.

What is the Private Wine Tour?

We offer Private tours for up to 4, 8 and 14 passengers. With a Private tour, you can create your own itinerary, or our guests services would be happy to assist. We will pick your group up in Dahlonega for free, but we also have the option for pick up in surrounding areas for an additional fee.

With a private tour, you may select the wineries of your choosing or you also have the option to upgrade your tour to our VIP Package that includes tastings at 4 wineries and the cost of lunch for an additional fee of $75 per person. If you would like to add the VIP Package, please contact us to add the appropriate amount of guests.

What is the Social Wine Tour?

Our Most Popular Option!
A Social Wine Tour, in simple terms, is one where the tour operator puts a group together. You can sign up alone or with a smaller group, and the operator will add more to the bus until a total of 1-14 are aggregated. Then, the tour is launched from the front porch of The Dahlonega Square Hotel. This is a great option for singles, couples, and groups of three or four friends. In many cases, you’ll get to know the other people on the bus, and this will let you have the fun of a proper tour with none of the scheduling hassles.

Our Dahlonega Social Wine Tour is approximately six hours (includes allotted time for lunch at a winery)

$65 per guest
*Price does not include the cost of lunch or tasting tickets

Scheduled itinerary developed by our guest services

Standard Itinerary looks like?
11:00am – Depart from The Dahlonega Square Hotel
11:15-12:30 – The Dahlonega Resort & Vineyard (lunch is scheduled for 11:30)
12:40-1:40 – Kaya
2:00-3:00 – Cottage
3:30-4:30 – Wolf Mountain
5:00 pm – Drop off at The Dahlonega Square Hotel

*Cost for only transportation = $65/person
*Cost for transportation + Lunch + tastings at 4 wineries = $140/person (VIP ADDON)


How many people will be on the bus for the social wine tour?

There could be up to 8 on a bus or as many as 14, depending on the amount of guests that book the tour.

Is there a lot of walking on the wine tour?

Our driver will drop you off as close to the front of the wineries as possible. The only winery that has a steep hill to walk is at Wolf Mountain. If you feel that the hill is too steep, please let your driver know and we will do our best to get a golf cart to assist you. Other than Wolf Mountain, there is not much walking.

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